«Fruit storage complex»

The finished construction of the facility "Fruit storage complex in the State Reg. Vasilievka of the Tyvrovsky district of Vinnytsia region ".

Accepted in operation and received a certificate (certificate number and the commissioning period can be found in Petr Bobik t. 067-430-18-20)


  • Power - 17700 t
  • Number of storeys - 1t
  • The total area of 18 921.5 m2

Construction of a farm for breeding fish

An object "Construction of a farm for breeding fish in the administrative boundaries of the Okonsky village council (outside the village of Okonsk) of the Manevitsky district of the Volyn region" was constructed and put into operation.

Put into operation:

  • Pools for fish breeding trays No. 1 - an area of 8120 m2 capacity - 300 tons per year;
  • Small incubator - 540 m2, capacity - 5 million fry per year;
  • The incubator is large - 2620 m2, capacity - 15 million Malkov per year;
  • Compressor stations No. 1, No. 2 power - 72 m3 per hour;
  • Power supply line;
  • Transformer - power 1260 kVA.