Cutting metals or making parts, the efficiency of the technologies used and the economic indicators of production are of great importance. Plasma cutting is the technology of separation, which allows you to quickly and accurately perform the most complex task of processing metal.

Our company proposes plasma cutting of the following materials:

  • titanium and special alloys;
  • carbon steel;
  • corrosion-resistant steel (stainless steel);
  • aluminum alloys;
  • copper-based alloys;
  • Aluminum and other metal sheets.
Features and benefits of plasma cutting technology

This is the most effective technology for obtaining metal products for many spheres of production (construction, engineering). With the help of plasma cutting it is possible to produce metal structures of any purpose and complexity.

Plasma cutting of metal has its own peculiarities and advantages in comparison with gas-oxygen and laser cutting:

  • High speed metal processing
  • Absence of deformation flow on the machined cutting surface
  • Ability to process ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their alloys
  • no additional processing of the finished product is required
  • Any geometric shapes and shapes can be cut
  • High cutting accuracy (+/- 0.25 mm) and alignment of the finished holes (no more than +/- 0.1 mm)
  • High repeatability of products (accuracy - no more than +/- 0,1)
  • Minimal negative impact on the environment
  • No metal thickness limitations, as in laser cutting

For each metal processed by means of plasma there are certain features. For stainless steel it is the production of round billets of large diameters: the mechanical method does not allow the cutting of stainless steel sheets. For titanium and titanium alloys, there is no formation of solid penetration solutions.

Company with plasma cutting services

The company offers plasma cutting services for parts and products of any complexity. We monitor the observance of the agreed terms and guarantee the accuracy of the order.

The company provides:

  • Manufacturing of parts for all types of constructions
  • Metal cutting according to customer's drawings and sketches, or according to the provided samples
  • Execution of necessary drawings or contours of products according to the customer's description
  • Maximum material savings.

If your company needs cutting metal, our managers will consult and quickly calculate the cost of the order. For you are guaranteed the most economical, fast and high-quality version of metal processing: depending on the volume of the order, it is possible to manufacture the necessary parts or structures in the shortest possible time. The price of cutting will depend from the type of metal and his thickness.