International company «ANTARES», (Ukraine, Kiev) was established in 1994, as private company. During last 10 years the basic activity of the Company is the development of sofisticated technologies in the sphere of electron-beam metallurgy (designing and manufacturing of exclusive equipment, creation of ecological and energy-saving technologies).

The control panel of the operator

Our Company has developed and implemented modern technologies in vacuum electron-beam melting of titanium, zirconium, heat resisting metals and special alloys. The success of the Company is due to a highly skilled staff. The majority of the staff are engineers of different specialties, with extensive experience and proven knowledge. This has contributed to problem solving allowing the steady development of the technology, its implementation and operation.

Titanium products

the technical feasibilities of the equipment allow the company to offer to the customers:

1. Production of titanium, zirconium, heat resisting and special alloys ingots :

— round: diameter 370 mm — 1100 mm, length up to 4 meters;

— flat (slabs): width 1100 mm — 1600 mm, thickness 180 mm — 660 mm, length up to 4 meters;

Titanium products

2. Development and implementation on a «turn-key» basis of vacuum electron-beam remelting furnaces for melting different kinds of metals with any shape of the ingot.

Titanium slabs

We have possibility to melt any kind of titanium raw materials as well as unlimited quantity of titanium sponge and titanium scrap in charge mixture.

Our electron-beam furnaces allow to produce the best quality titanium, zirconium, copper, niobium, tantalum and other metals.

our production is certified by standard iso 9001:2008


in accordance with your order we can produce :

TITANIUM INGOTS AND SLABS with following sizes:

— round ingots: diameter 380mm, 400mm, 620 mm and diam. 800 mm - turned, length up to 3900 mm

— slabs: 180x1300x4000 mm, 250x1300x4000 mm, 400x1300x4000 mm - machined.

We produce CP titanium products: Grade 1, Grade 2 (Gr1-4l) according ASTM B265, ASTM B348, ASTM B338 and VT 1-00, VT 1-0 according GOST 19807-91.

technical characteristics of the production :

The basis of our production consists of two vacuum electron-beam furnaces with 2,5 MW power each. Each furnace has the capacity to produce 2,5 thousand tons of titanium annually. These furnaces can successfully melt other refractory metals, such as: zirconium, niobium, tantalum, molybdenum, tungsten, superalloys on the basis of nickel and cobalt.

Our electron-beam furnace technology provides the following:

— To organize coldhearth melting process with maximum effect of refinement;

— To provide an economic process of melting with horizontal opposite-side feeding of melting feeding rods simultaneously;

— To remelt free-flowing, non-compact (titanium sponge, scrap), briquetted or rod blend charge with the minimum costs for preliminary preparation;

— To provide efficient melting of chemically active metals by applying glow discharge electron-beam guns which consistently work at a pressure level of 1,33 — 0,133 Pa;

— To provide a parallel simultaneous melting of two and more ingots;

— To control process of solidification of given structure of ingots.

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We invite you for arranging long terms cooperative business. We provide designing, manufacturing and installation of the full complex of modern electron-beam equipment, including electron-beam refinery melting furnaces for production titanium, zirconium, niobium, tantalum, molybdenum, tungsten and super-alloys. For more information about process and characteristics of the equipment, which we offer for sale Click here